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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Universal Aspects™ Wiki Project Archive

Universal Aspects™ Wiki Projects,,, Archive:
Electromagnetic Weaponry
Total Individual Control Technology
100+ NeuroWeaponry & Artificial Intelligence Quotes
Technology Based Psychological Operations
Surveillance Based Intellectual Property Theft
Surveillance Based BCI
Electronic Telepathy Impersonations
Neuroscience Based Virtual Reality
Targeting Program Insider Archive:
The Shadow Government Cybernetic Network
List of Shadow Government War Crimes
God as a Psychological Direction Tool
Natural Laws of the Universe
Occult Definition of NLP
Faux-Demonic Possession
The BCI Incubus
BCI Sadism
Agenda by Proxy
Thought Generation Construct
Dark Law of Attraction
Ex-Satanist Priest Mark Passio
Ex-Satanist Nikolas Schreck Archive:
Counter-Proliferation Programs
Intelligence Agency Sabotage of Music and Assassination of Musicians Archive:
Psychological Operations Blueprint
Psychological Operations Quotes
The Cover Story
The Cover Up
Plausible Deniability
Flat Earth Psychological Operations
Ascension Psychological Operations - 5D PSYOP
Law of Attraction Psychological Operations
Transhumanism Psychological Operations


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Monday, August 7, 2017

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Shadow Government Heresy
Psychological Operations Analysis: || Archive
• Psychological operations (PSYOPS)
• Information warfare
• Psychological warfare

Whistleblowers, DDocs & More: || Archive
• Declassified documents
• Whistleblower testimony
• Military & intelligence publications
• Eye opening court cases

Religion Analysis: || Archive
• Ancient information warfare
• Mind viruses analyzed

Hidden Knowledge: || Archive
• Occult quotes
• Occult science
• Occultist agendas

Occultist Transhumanist Agenda: || Archive
• The transhumanist agenda psyop
• New age spiritual warfare psychological operations
• CIA social engineering

Surveillance Abuse: || Archive
• 21st century surveillance abuses
• Electromagnetic surveillance abuse
• Surveillance abuse by intelligence agencies
• Surveillance abuse by the shadow government

CIA War Crimes: || Archive
• CIA war criminal activity
• CIA quotes
• CIA surveillance abuse
• CIA BCI Network

Warfare Stratagems: || Archive
• Psychological warfare stratagem
• Psychological operations tactics
• COINTELPRO warfare tactics
• Historical warfare tactics

Cybernetic Secret Society: || Archive
• The shadow government cybernetic network
• Surveillance abuses
• Ruling class secret societies
• Brain-computer interface networks prior to the public release of BCI.

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Black Project Science: || Archive
• Special access program science projects
• Black project science cover stories
• Black project science quotes

Radio Frequency Science: || Archive
• End game frequency science
• Black project science
• Radio frequency science
• Microwave warfare

The Neurobody: || Archive
• Exotic neuroscience
• Any variable of consciousness as internal body feedback

Directed Energy Weapons: || Archive
• Directed energy weapons systems
• Military projects
• Targeted individual technology

NeuroWeaponry & COINTELPRO 2.0: || Archive
• Neuroweapons systems
• Military & intelligence agency electronic targeting
• Directed energy weapon counter proliferation programs

Black Science & Covert Ops: || Archive
• Artificial intelligence warfare
• Frequency science, microwave warfare
• Cover stories and cover ups
• Targeted individuals

Ai Warfare: || Archive
• Artificial intelligence warfare
• Ai based cointelpro
• Intelligence agency Ai
• Algorithmic warfare

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI): || Archive
• Brain-computer interface technology
• Electronic telepathy explained
• Artificial intelligence info
• v2k targeting

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• Frequency mapping open science advocacy
• Open Science Collective
• Future Plans: open science database

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

NeuroWeaponry Art Book, by Omnisense & Jon Kimpoy


Buy the Book ($12.99 + Shipping)
Available on, & Free PDF.

( 10% Discount Code: R9J9SK29)

Book Synopsis:
NeuroWeaponry practices the philosophy that a picture speaks a thousand words. This illustrated 24 page book contains 22 directed energy weapon cartoon art images with corroborating quotes from knowledgeable whistleblowers all aimed at exposing and explaining the products of Project mkultra at play in the world today.

NeuroWeaponry was illustrated by the brilliant artist Jon Kimpoy under the direction of the activist musician/author Omnisense.

NeuroWeaponry Images:
If you want to see the full set of directed energy weapon images Jon Kimpoy and I have produced that comprise this book, you can download the full Free PDF Here, or alternatively you can see the full set of images on this page.

If you feel this work is high quality and would like to help our cause, placing a copy of NeuroWeaponry in some of the miniature free libraries could help inform new people. We have bought over a dozen copies and handed them out.

NeuroWeaponry is Universal Aspects' first published book, stay tuned in the future for more books authored by Omnisense.
Omnisense Books Web Page

Saturday, August 5, 2017

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Currently we offer paid services in the above fields. Our prices are on an individual basis.

Contact for more information: Contact Form.

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