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Monday, August 7, 2017

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Universal Aspects Media: || Archive
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Hi-Tech War Crime Report (PDF)

counter darkness

Counter Darkness: An Anti-Evil Organization
Opposition to occultism, govt conspiracy, corporate corruption, fascism, war, torture, media deception, information warfare, physical & mental slavery, non-consensual experimentation, wrongful imprisonment,
law enforcement impropriety, military & intelligence community war crimes, and ritual abuse. || Archive

open movement wiki

Open Movement International
Advocacy for an optimal society: open government, open education, open science, open data,
open research, open source, open hardware, open design, creative commons, and net neutrality.
Open Movement International:
Open Movement Wiki:

Occult Dictionary
Occulted knowledge & word definitions. || Archive

Universal Aspects Wiki Projects
Universal Aspects Wiki Projects Archive

technology wiki

Hi-Tech Wiki:

occult wiki

Hidden Knowledge Wiki:

cointelpro wiki


cointelpro wiki

Psychological Operations Wiki:

Shadow Government Heresy

Whistleblowers, DDocs & More: || Archive
• Declassified documents
• Whistleblower testimony
• Military & intelligence publications
• Eye opening court cases

Infograph Gallery: || Archive
• De-Occultism graphics
• Activism through graphics
• Visual knowledge aids
• Open Movement Infographs

Psychological Operations Analysis: || Archive
• Psychological operations (PSYOPS)
• Information warfare
• Psychological warfare

Religion Analysis: || Archive
• Ancient information warfare
• Mind viruses analyzed

Hidden Knowledge: || Archive
• Occult quotes
• Occult science
• Occultist agendas

Occultist Transhumanist Agenda: || Archive
• The transhumanist agenda psyop
• New age spiritual warfare psychological operations
• CIA social engineering

Surveillance Abuse: || Archive
• 21st century surveillance abuses
• Electromagnetic surveillance abuse
• Surveillance abuse by intelligence agencies
• Surveillance abuse by the shadow government

Corporate Abuse: || Archive
• Education about corporate corruption for eradication purposes
• Corporate subversion of democracy & well being analyzed
• Shadow government agendas & tactics in relation to corporations

CIA War Crimes: || Archive
• CIA war criminal activity
• CIA quotes
• CIA surveillance abuse
• CIA BCI Network

Warfare Stratagems: || Archive
• Psychological warfare stratagem
• Psychological operations tactics
• COINTELPRO warfare tactics
• Historical warfare tactics

Cybernetic Secret Society: || Archive
• The shadow government cybernetic network
• Surveillance abuses
• Ruling class secret societies
• Brain-computer interface networks prior to the public release of BCI.

Deep Learning Abuse (Coming Soon): || Archive Coming Soon
• Military & intelligence community deep learning artificial intelligence abuse
• Simulation based intellectual property theft
• Surveillance based deep learning Ai interrogation

Laws of Nature (Coming Soon): || Archive Coming Soon
• Natural laws of the universe
• The mechanics of the universe
• The laws of nature which govern reality

Science & Black Project Technology Websites

Neuro Abuse: || Archive
• Intelligence community neuro-abuse
• Neural propaganda explained
• Highly criminal military & intelligence abuse

Black Project Science: || Archive
• Special access program science projects
• Black project science cover stories
• Black project science quotes

Radio Frequency Science: || Archive
• End game frequency science
• Black project science
• Radio frequency science
• Microwave warfare

The Neurobody: || Archive
• Exotic neuroscience
• Any variable of consciousness as internal body feedback

Directed Energy Weapons: || Archive
• Directed energy weapons systems
• Military projects
• Targeted individual technology

NeuroWeaponry & COINTELPRO 2.0: || Archive
• Neuroweapons systems
• Military & intelligence agency electronic targeting
• Directed energy weapon counter proliferation programs

Black Science & Covert Ops: || Archive
• Artificial intelligence warfare
• Frequency science, microwave warfare
• Cover stories and cover ups
• Targeted individuals

Ai Warfare: || Archive
• Artificial intelligence warfare
• Ai based cointelpro
• Intelligence agency Ai
• Algorithmic warfare

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI): || Archive
• Brain-computer interface technology
• Electronic telepathy explained
• Artificial intelligence info
• v2k targeting

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  1. “There is not enough money in the world to shut us up." ~Mark Phillips


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