Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Universal Aspects™ Wiki Project Archive

Universal Aspects™ Wiki Projects,,, Archive:
Electromagnetic Weaponry
Total Individual Control Technology
100+ NeuroWeaponry & Artificial Intelligence Quotes
Technology Based Psychological Operations
Surveillance Based Intellectual Property Theft
Surveillance Based BCI
Electronic Telepathy Impersonations
Neuroscience Based Virtual Reality
Targeting Program Insider Archive:
The Shadow Government Cybernetic Network
List of Shadow Government War Crimes
God as a Psychological Direction Tool
Natural Laws of the Universe
Occult Definition of NLP
Dark Prayer - Devil's Advocate
Faux-Demonic Possession
The BCI Incubus
BCI Sadism
Agenda by Proxy
Thought Generation Construct
Dark Laws of Attraction
The Dark Pact - Devil's Advocate
Ex-Satanist Priest Mark Passio
Ex-Satanist Nikolas Schreck Archive:
Counter-Proliferation Programs
Intelligence Agency Sabotage of Music and Assassination of Musicians Archive:
Psychological Operations Blueprint
Psychological Operations Quotes
The Cover Story
The Cover Up
Mind Programming
Plausible Deniability
Flat Earth Psychological Operations
Ascension Psychological Operations - 5D PSYOP
Laws of Attraction Psychological Operations
Russian Collusion PSYOP
Transhumanism Psychological Operations


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