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Counter Darkness
An Anti-Evil Organization.

Opposition to occultism, govt conspiracy, corporate corruption, fascism, war, torture,
media deception, information warfare, physical & mental slavery, non-consensual
experimentation, wrongful imprisonment, law enforcement impropriety,
military & intelligence community war crimes, and ritual abuse. Archive
The Ideology of Darkness
List of Shadow Government Agendas & Methods
Black Ops Assassination Techniques
Shadow Government Social Suppression Systems
Shadow Government Human Trafficking
Counter Darkness Organization - Anti-Evil Pledge
The Silencing of Infowars (Video)

Counter Darkness pays tribute to recognize effective shadow government opposition,
we also have a polar opposite, a dishonor for servitude to the shadow government.

Antithesis Tributes:
Dr. Barrie Trower
Mark Passio
Paul Joseph Watson
Kevin Shipp
Karen Melton-Stewart
Dr. Udo Ulfkotte
Ramola D
Dr. John Hall
Fred Burks
Melissa Melton

Shadow Government Dishonors:
Shill of the Month Award

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