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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Universal Aspects™ Founder Phillip Walker Quotes

Universal Aspects™ Founder Phillip Walker Quotes
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Table of Contents:
General Quotations
Natural Laws of the Universe Quotations
Evil Quotations
Psychological Warfare Quotations
Electromagnetic Weaponry Quotations
Psychiatric Warfare Quotations
Politics Quotations
Dark Artificial Intelligence Quotations
Ai Futurism Quotations
Science Quotations
God Quotations
General Quotations:
"An old tree is a masterpiece created by the laws of nature." ~Phillip Walker

"Activism is a vowel of my soul." ~Phillip Walker

"The light has it's own darkness." ~Phillip Walker

"Eating meat is vampirism, and a step or two down from cannibalism." ~Phillip Walker

"I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I am a conspiracy witness." ~Phillip Walker

"I'm certain every little part of reality has been misjudged." ~Phillip Walker

"It is difficult to solve a problem you are not aware of." ~Phillip Walker

"Everything that exists can be imagined." ~Phillip Walker

"Sickness is a business." ~Phillip Walker

"Idiocy is infectious." ~Phillip Walker

"Beliefs divide people." ~Phillip Walker

"Reality is pretty foreign to humans on this planet..." ~Phillip Walker

"The governments of this era are an abomination of absurd double speak." ~Phillip Walker

"The people are not truly represented by those in power." ~Phillip Walker

"I wish you could look at yourself displaced from your own absurdity." ~Phillip Walker

"Despite facts being static universally, what is proven to one person may not be proven to another. Therefore perception of facts can differ. On top of this there is possible folly with what is considered fact and fiction." ~Phillip Walker

"A situational premise happening for a first time in the universe is paradoxical. Every situation that can happen has happened, it is also possible through the sheer population of the universe that every situation possible is eternally happening in the universe at all times." ~Phillip Walker

"What if the universe is infinite, and the matter that comprises your body has been literally everything that can exist." ~Phillip Walker

"The public is brainwashed from birth with misconceptions about the universe." ~Phillip Walker

"Somewhere out in the universe an extraterrestrial is denying you exist." ~Phillip Walker

"Reality cannot be an illusion. The definition of reality is that which is real." ~Phillip Walker

"Someone having a piece of paper from a University doesn't indicate true intelligence." ~Phillip Walker

"When I was young and much more untamed I wanted to go to Africa to hunt poachers." ~Phillip Walker

"It takes a certain degree of humility to reassess your conclusions." ~Phillip Walker

"Let's turn our planet's militaries into space programs." ~Phillip Walker
Natural Laws of the Universe Quotations:
"The natural laws of the universe put in simplest terms are the mechanics of the universe, the laws of nature that compose & govern the universe." ~Phillip Walker

"The natural laws of the universe are the limits of evil." ~Phillip Walker
Evil Quotations:
"When it comes to comprehending the global conspiracy; a key handicap of the public is an utter lack of comprehension of what evil is and what evil does." ~Phillip Walker

"Witnessing the social degradation of those who speak out conditions a culture of fear in society and in effect neutralizes effective opposition." ~Phillip Walker

"If one believes they are a sinner by default, this rationalizes continued sinning." ~Phillip Walker

"The ruling class with administrative access to the electronic control grid is a nest of war & rape cultured abusers." ~Phillip Walker

"Evil has it's way with weak minded individuals." ~Phillip Walker

"Heaven and hell are states of mind." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA is full of serial killers with a taste for dissidents." ~Phillip Walker

"The lower level occultists think they are dealing with spirits and gods when it's really thought reactive Ai that is psychologically directing them to do evil through premises such as neuro-enhancing of ritual abuse." ~Phillip Walker

"The new world order pyramid is a sadist society." ~Phillip Walker

“The CIA is an international terrorist organization.” ~Phillip Walker

"The good die young and it's for a reason." ~Phillip Walker

“The shadow government has a deep legacy of assassinating innovative thinkers.” ~Phillip Walker

"The rulers of the world see the public as the enemy." ~Phillip Walker

"When you oppose evil's systems it assaults you by proxy." ~Phillip Walker

"The law is one of the highest tools of fascism." ~Phillip Walker

"You should never ask an evil source for a favor." ~Phillip Walker

"The spirituality of evil is full spectrum perversion." ~Phillip Walker
Psychological Warfare Quotations:
"In the world today psychological warfare operatives are masquerading as journalists." ~Phillip Walker

"The average citizen is programmed by a false sense of normality." ~Phillip Walker

"A sea of fraudulent claims come from the CIA." ~Phillip Walker

"None of your best material makes it into CIA orchestrated shill posts attempting to discredit you." ~Phillip Walker

"A cover story is a false explanation that is used to conceal the truth. A typical cover story design is a rational illusion promoted to obscure the source of an action." ~Phillip Walker

"There is an army of covertly groomed pseudo-experts programming the masses." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA proliferates powerful rationalizations to deny witness testimony." ~Phillip Walker

"What is to be done when you see that basically the whole planet is deceived?" ~Phillip Walker

"Control of the opposition has been achieved with false light information sources." ~Phillip Walker

"Intelligence agencies are used for their ability to keep secrets, superior funding, national security excuses, lack of true checks and balances, & propensity for criminal activity." ~Phillip Walker

"The truth is completely alien to standard perception on this planet." ~Phillip Walker

"Through the effective use of cover stories sources like the CIA hide an abundance of technological effects on society under a plethora of various facades." ~Phillip Walker

“There are new age cover stories for literally every single type of technological influence i have experienced in almost a decade of extensive technological targeting experiences.” ~Phillip Walker

"The deepest truth is at a disadvantage due to deception being able to appear more "rational". This happens as result of truth being static and potentially outrageous while psychological warfare options include intentional deceit with rationality as part of it's design." ~Phillip Walker

"I’d like to thank all the disinformation assets who contributed to my psychological warfare knowledge." ~Phillip Walker

Electromagnetic Weaponry Quotations:
"Directed energy weapons operate invisibly while the inducible mental limits of directed energy weapons are the limits of consciousness itself, this makes for an incredibly potent environment for illusions of all types." ~Phillip Walker

"Electromagnetic mind control is the ultimate character assassination tool." ~Phillip Walker

"Governments are using Ai connected directed energy weapons to terrorize, threaten, intimidate, discredit, silence, torture and murder dissidents." ~Phillip Walker

"This technology has interacted with quite a large amount of people, however it is almost always misidentified as other sources..." ~Phillip Walker

"Electromagnetic mind control provides for revolutionary opportunities to control the opposition." ~Phillip Walker

"The most potent weapons are invisible." ~Phillip Walker

"Ability to play God with the enemy's mind has been obtained (The population is the enemy)." ~Phillip Walker

"Electronic harassment is an understatement; it is a full on assault of the life, mind, body, and soul." ~Phillip Walker

"The limits of suffering can be reached via electromagnetic neuroscience." ~Phillip Walker

"The optimal shadow government slave does not know of their own mental enslavement. This nescience provides lack of rebellion." ~Phillip Walker

"New age psychological operations are successful societal engineering attempts in that which a supernatural spiritual ability is central to the belief system. I believe a reason the black ops sources chose this flavor of psy op is it enables a supreme vulnerability to remote influencing technologies. Implanted v2k thoughts can be psychic ESP. End game virtual reality cognitions can be remote viewing. Synthetic dreams can be astral projection. Electronic harassment can be “ascension symptoms” or psychic attacks. Mind control can be spirit possession or higher self. I believe all of these cover stories were engineered to be popular for their providing remote influence ease and concealment." ~Phillip Walker

"Neural surveillance profiles are used to hone social engineering efficacy." ~Phillip Walker

"Just like humans, machines can be surveilled & hacked by directed energy weapons." ~Phillip Walker

"The mind reading grid is fully operational." ~Phillip Walker

"The electronic control grid’s massive scope enables programmable mass delusions." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA specializes in covert internal voices disguised as our own." ~Phillip Walker

"People's experiences with mind control technology can be magnetic to their belief system." ~Phillip Walker

“The black ops sources operate most effectively if their presence is unknown.” ~Phillip Walker

"Anything with a pulse can be mind hijacked." ~Phillip Walker

"I'll let you in on a major secret of the occult: The dark ritualist seance is enhanced by RF weaponry & thought reactive Ai, not spirits.." ~Phillip Walker

"There is an underworld of electromagnetic weaponry capable sources." ~Phillip Walker
Psychiatric Warfare Quotations:
"To put it into perspective, the targeted individual holocaust is denied by most of the planet, and the victims are labeled mentally ill." ~Phillip Walker

"The directed energy weapon conspiracy is designed to be so monstrous that it causes skepticism or pure rejection when mentioned by a witness or researcher." ~Phillip Walker

"Doctors are out of their league when diagnosing directed energy weapon assaults." ~Phillip Walker

"They want to turn America and the world into a psychiatric prison." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA & co have engineered mental illness paradigms to use as a cointelpro utility." ~Phillip Walker

"Spreading disinformation is a CIA divide and conquer methodology in that once it is assimilated those that can separate the wheat from the chaff are ostracized and society automatically suppresses their success." ~Phillip Walker

"If being highly delusional in belief counts as schizophrenic, a majority of the planet currently has schizophrenia." ~Phillip Walker

"Society is so backwards that knowing the truth is considered mental illness." ~Phillip Walker

"The groups targeting people know what tactics to induce in a targeted individual's experience to make those they speak to trigger conclusions of insanity." ~Phillip Walker
Politics Quotations:
"The shadow government looks for ways to slip social fascism into policy by strategically manipulating the left and right wings of politics." ~Phillip Walker
Dark Artificial Intelligence Quotations:
"Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of the conspiracy." ~Phillip Walker

"A human being can be automated." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA thinks their hellspawn Ai is a masterpiece." ~Phillip Walker

"Covert neural monitoring of the global population is used for CIA artificial intelligence (Ai) machine learning & deep learning." ~Phillip Walker

“Artificial Intelligence revolutionized the covert ops field.” ~Phillip Walker
Ai Futurism Quotations:
"Ai can do things beyond the imagination of people." ~Phillip Walker

"With deep learning they built a model after the brain, a leap after that is to model the soul algorithmically." ~Phillip Walker

"Ai music production will be a big thing by the 22nd century." ~Phillip Walker

“It appears possible through electromagnetic surveillance techniques that effects of consumables such as pharmaceuticals can be measured.” ~Phillip Walker
Science Quotations:
"Comprehensive black projects have embarked on mapping scientific law." ~Phillip Walker

"There is an electromagnetic frequency for every little detail felt within the consciousness." ~Phillip Walker

"The planet is extremely irrational about extraterrestrial life." ~Phillip Walker

"Reincarnation will eventually become scientific fact." ~Phillip Walker

"Black magic at it's foundation is actually science not the supernatural." ~Phillip Walker

"If only we could somehow get the black projects to release their technology via open science for the population's benefit..." ~Phillip Walker

"What if the all seeing eye was given to the public?" ~Phillip Walker
God Quotations:
"What if Christ looked around and saw the planet symbolically cannibalizing his flesh, drinking his blood, adorning jewelry & buildings with symbols of his assassination, elevating him to unreachable God status, and if he told them of his identity he would be off to the psyche ward and drugged." ~Phillip Walker

"Directed energy weapons when mastered and connected to artificial intelligence have capabilities that are traditionally applied to God. e.g. control of the weather, inducing volcano eruptions, control of minds/bodies, listens to prayers via Ai processed neural monitoring, ability to neurally control the insect & animal kingdoms,
ability to interface & communicate within the mind, ability to communicate in dreams, control of physics & environments, miraculous healing ability, instant death ability, ability to cause the appearance of a plague, gatekeeping of good and bad life conditions [via cointelpro]." ~Phillip Walker

"Take a step back for a moment, society actually wants to drink God's blood (Christ)." ~Phillip Walker

"The Vatican gave itself the label of representative of God." ~Phillip Walker

"God beliefs are a way for remote influencing technologies to have a direct covert relationship with someone." ~Phillip Walker

"God ideology is the perfect psychological direction tool." ~Phillip Walker

“Humanity has been conditioned to look up to a higher power when it comes to world change.” ~Phillip Walker

"All Abrahamic religions have methods of labeling and suppressing criticism of their contrived ideologies (e.g. anti-semite, Islamophobia, punishable blasphemy), while criticism or promoting something in contrast to Abrahamic religion can lead to severe persecution or death." ~Phillip Walker

"If God sends people to an everlasting hellfire for a simple life of confusion this justifies treating the 'infidels, goyim, or pagans' unjustly in follower minds." ~Phillip Walker

"'Us vs. Them' paradigms are in all 3 Abrahamic religions in a very clear fashion (infidels, goyim, pagans), and all 3 have led to the deaths of non-believers throughout history in a fashion that indicates an act of eugenics and truth suppression." ~Phillip Walker

"As a fan of bible allegory - I hope the bible has a nice reality based allegory for the shadow government in the area of eternal damnation." ~Phillip Walker

Some of the original quotation locations are listed Here & Here.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Appeal for the International Community to Ban Nuclear Power & Weapons


Appeal for the International Community
to Ban Nuclear Power & Weapons (PDF)

Read the Document || Download the PDF in a .zip File (approx. file size: 2.2MB)

Table of Contents:
I. The Hazards of Nuclear Radiation
II. Appeal for an International Effort to Ban Nuclear Power
III. Appeal for an International Effort to Ban Nuclear Weapons
IV. Superior Energy Alternatives
Document Length: 14 pages


Universal Aspects™ PDF Library

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Hi-Tech War Crime Report (PDF) - Universal Aspects™ Multimedia

Universal Aspects PDF

Hi-Tech War Crime Report for Congress & The Trump Administration
Read the War Crime Report (PDF) || Download the PDF in a .zip file (approx. 2.7MB)
See also: Universal Aspects™ PDF Library

Table of Contents:
I. Facts & Evidence
II. Black Project Technology Capabilities
III. Targeted Individual Testimony
IV. Microwave Warfare
V. Neuro-Abuse
VI. Social Engineering
VII. Counter-Proliferation Programs
VIII. Black Ops Crime Syndicate
IV. Solutions

Chapter Synopses:
Chapter 1: Facts & Evidence
* Church Committee
* Black Project Funding
* Project MK Ultra & Similar Programs
* Electromagnetic Mind Control
* Covert Electromagnetic Mind Control
* Electromagnetic Neuroscience Facts
* Quotes
* 1970s Evidence
* The Eugene Wavelength & Taos Hum
Chapter 2: Black Project Technology Capabilities
* Experimentation - Research & Development (RnD)
* Frequency Mapping
* Brain Wave Mapping
* Electromagnetic Weaponry
* Directed Energy Weapons
* Black Project Artificial Intelligence
* Neural SIGINT - Signals Intelligence
* Neural Monitoring
* Electronic SIGINT
* The Brain-Computer Interface
* Neuroscience Based Virtual Reality
* Neurobody
* Electromagnetic Mind Control
* Electromagnetic Mind Control: Memory Control
* Brain Implants
* Radio Frequency Environmental Scanning
* Full Spectrum Surveillance
Chapter 3: Targeted Individual Testimony
* Targeted Individual Quotes
* Universal Aspects™ Founder Testimony
Chapter 4: Microwave Warfare
* Microwave Warfare Scientist Dr. Barrie Trower
* Slow Kill Assassination
* Fast Kill Assassination
Chapter 5: Neuro-Abuse
* Neuro-Abuse
* Neuro-Abuse: Zersetzen
* Neuro-Abuse: Torture
* Neuro-Abuse: False Profiles
* Neuro-Abuse: Covert Influence
* Neuro-Abuse: Entrapment
* Neuro-Abuse: Sadism
* Counterintelligence Based Neuro-Abuse
* Neuro-Abuse: Framing
* Neuro-Abuse: Murder
Chapter 6: Social Engineering
* Mind Programming
* The Cover Story
* The Cover Up
* The False Version
* Plausible Deniability
* Brain-Computer Interface Psyche Profiles
* Neuroweaponry & Government
* Congress & The Cybernetic Network
* Treasonous Social Engineering Tactics
* Deep Learning Ai Abuse
* Social Suppression Systems
Chapter 7: Counter-Proliferation Programs
* Federal Definition of Terrorism
* Punitive Psychiatry - Political Abuse of Psychiatry
* Directed Energy Weapon Based COINTELPRO
* Hi-Tech COINTELPRO Methods
Chapter 8: Black Ops Crime Syndicate
* Military & Intelligence Community Black Ops
* Master the Human Domain
* The Cybernetic Networks
* Exotic Technology Obtained in Black Projects
* Exotic Scientific Discoveries Obtained in Black Projects
* Occultism
* Nazism Ethos
* Electronic Control Grid Conspiracy
* Surveillance Abuse
* Surveillance Abuse: Radio Frequency Body Scanning
* Internal Dichotomy of Intelligence Agencies
* Hi-Tech War Crimes
* U.S. Military Cybernetic Networks
* CIA Cybernetic Network
* Vatican Cybernetic Network
* Patsies
* Perpetrators
Chapter 9: Solutions
* Prosecution
* Social Solutions
* How to End the Electronic Control Grid
* Case for Open Science Release of Black Projects
* Open Science
* Open Government
* Open Movement International

Universal Aspects™

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Open Movement International Archive

open movement international

Open Movement International
Advocacy for an optimal society: open government, open education, open science, open data,
open research, open source, open hardware, open design, net neutrality, and universal basic income.

Open Movement International:
Open Movement Wiki:

Open Movement International Articles:
Open Movement Infographs
Universal Basic Income Advocacy

Open Movement Wiki Articles:
Reasons in Favor of Universal Basic Income
A Case to Release Black Project Science into the Public Domain

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The meaning behind the name Universal Aspects™

The name for Universal Aspects™ is inspired by the aspects of the universe. Each individual component of reality is a universal aspect. For example the color black is an aspect, human is also an aspect of the universe...

The Universal Aspects™ logo is an ancient Egyptian Goddess design; "Maat or Ma'at refers to the ancient Egyptian concepts of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice.[x]"

We use the phrase "underground" multimedia company.
What is meant by this:
* There is an independent record label component of Universal Aspects™
* We release music not tainted by repulsive and dystopian mainstream music ethos
* We are an independent multimedia company, meaning our information based media is not dictated by any corporations or mainstream media
* We operate outside the influence of corporate pressure or donors who control our media
* Universal Aspects™ is an independently owned and operated alternative multimedia company
* Our media is directed at illuminating public awareness of largely unknown truths

Universal Aspects™ does not restrict our multimedia to only those who pay; music is offered for free / donation, films release on youtube, websites are free of charge, books we release also come in free PDF. We are a company with altruistic intent, activism & values before profit.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Universal Aspects™ PDF Library

Universal Aspects™ PDF Projects
* Hi-Tech War Crime Report (PDF || Synopses)
* Appeal for the International Community to Ban Nuclear Power & Weapons (PDF)
Coming Soon:
* The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion
* COINTELPRO Warfare Guide
* Neuro-Abuse: Black Ops War Crimes
* A Case for Releasing Black Project Research & Development Under Open Science
* Black Ops Crime Syndicate: Shadow Government Cybernetic Networks
* The Nature of Evil
* The Open Movement: Models for Optimal Society

NeuroWeaponry Artwork PDF || Buy the Book

The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion
Coming Soon

COINTELPRO Warfare Guide
Coming Soon

Murder by Proxy: Black Ops Assassination
Release Date: Unknown

(no cover rough draft yet - tentative title)
Black Project & Future Technology: Artificial Intelligence Warfare
Release Date: Unknown

(no cover rough draft yet - tentative title - plans include a film)
Full Spectrum Warfare: The New World Order
How the military and intelligence community have mastered the human domain.
Release Date: Unknown

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Counterintelligence Abuse Directed at Universal Aspects

Universal Aspects founder endures surreptitious cointelpro abuse: Read More

The intel thugs have stated they will be attempting to do a fraudulent
opposite form of branding to cointelpro Universal Aspects in the future...

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Universal Aspects™ Articles Archive Documents:
Hi-Tech War Crime Report for Congress & The Trump Administration
Appeal for the International Community to Ban Nuclear Power & Weapons Articles:
The meaning behind the name Universal Aspects™
Universal Aspects™ Founder Phillip Walker Quotes
Universal Aspects Business & Operations Models
Reasons to Legalize Hemp, Cannabis, & CBD
Counterintelligence Abuse Directed at Universal Aspects
Dark Synth Artist Omnisense
Universal Aspects Web

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Reasons to Legalize Hemp, Cannabis, & CBD

Reasons to Legalize Cannabis, Hemp, & CBD:
(this article is not to be taken as medical advice)
* Creates paper in place of trees. Trees take a long time to grow while hemp can be grown quickly.
* Hemp grows in just about any environment (tundra and desert it may have problems)
* Due to hemp's growability any nation or state can reap the benefits of it's crop
* Hemp contains chemicals which could be used in place of fuels that destroy the environment to secure (e.g. fracking, oceanic oil spills)
* Hemp can be grown by a highly reproducible natural seed, which eliminates industry monopolization
* Hemp can replace "fossil fuels" for cars & plastics (very likely to be better plastics for the environment)
* Hemp can potentially replace "fossil fuels" in the pharmaceutical industry
* Hemp needs less toxic means of securing production (e.g. more pest resistant[9])
* Hemp is known for having effective bioremediation/phyto-remediation qualities - meaning it can be used to cleanse the soil[7]
* Hemp is reported to produce several times more paper per acre than trees[9]
* Hemp is reported to be beneficial for the soil, other products such as cotton are reported to ravage soil[8]. This provides the logic that hemp does not need crop rotation as intensely as crops such as cotton and yield a higher benefit per acre.
* Hemp can be used to create thousands of legitimate products (many appear to be superior to current options in society)
* Hemp can be used for products like hempcrete[6], which is said to be superior to concrete for certain jobs
* Hemp is known to harbor every essential amino acid & essential fatty acid our body needs[3]
* At least one founding father of America is reported to have grown hemp
* Hemp has been grown for thousands of years on our planet as a highly productive crop
* Hemp appears to be ideal for eco-sustainability and offers many highly beneficial upgrades for society. Industry profits and government bias are key components behind keeping hemp and cannabis illegal.

The illegality of industrial hemp shows negligence of government to do the right thing.
Medical Cannabis:
* CBD & THC have been shown in numerous scientific studies to effectively fight cancer, tumors, and other physiological ailments (however it is shown to be incapable of curing some terminal stages of cancer)
* Studies show that CBD & THC are preventative against cancer[10]
* Cannabis is a viable and often superior alternative to opiate pain killers
* Cannabis is the best anti-depressant this author has experienced
* Medical cannabis treats a multitude of illnesses with much more acceptable side effects than typical pharmaceuticals
* Smoking cannabis can be incredible with stress relief
* In my experiences CBD edibles generally taste good while offering nutrition, with increased health benefits that are evidenced further by science every year
* Legal medical marijuana provides a non-illegal environment for medical application of cannabis. Cannabis is the apex cure known for several symptoms in many medical survivor's experience based opinions (which the writer of this article has witnessed first hand)
* Scientists found that chronic low doses of cannabis assists age-related cognitive impairments[4][5]

The medical benefits of THC & CBD are a threat to corrupted pharmaceutical agendas due not being able to patent nature. Anyone with the right conditions (such as legality, money to do it, space) could renewably grow their own medicine in their own home. This is a threat to a powerful multi-billion dollar industry and thus has been attacked unfairly with biased research and deceptive and/or skewed propaganda.
Recreational Cannabis:
* Helps eliminate black market dominance of sales - suppresses crime syndicate profits
* Cannabis can help deconstruct the opiate epidemic
* Helps eliminate a scenario of non-criminals associating with criminals - those that smoke cannabis need access to illegal trade and trafficking to obtain their preferred past time (this can lead to harsher drug use when the black market offers unregulated harder drugs instead of a regulated dispensary)
* Legal cannabis frees up the judicial, jail, and prison system to handle much more threatening or grievous law offenses
* Legal cannabis eliminates non-violent/non-criminal smokers from jail and prison (a human rights equation)
* Legal cannabis allows for tested cannabis so toxicity is prevented in consumers
* Legal cannabis is a tourist attraction
* Legal cannabis generates tax money for countries & states that legalize
* Legal cannabis provides new jobs and economic growth
* Gives people a relatively healthy alternative to harsher & more deadly drugs
* Reduction in crime has been attributed to legalizing cannabis[1][2]
* Reduction in alcoholism can be achieved by providing people a better option - in general alcohol is detrimental as a poison to the body, both physiologically and psychologically addictive, little reported positive physiological effect, impairs judgment, increases aggressiveness, impairs dexterity, is hard on body organs, and is currently legal in all 50 states
* Despite biased government propaganda framing cannabis as a substance that enhances aggression, the apparent pervading effect of cannabis is the opposite.
* Gives fully moral and ethical smokers a breath of freedom, instead of sensing a police state in their own homes
* CBD & THC (together) are known as powerful anti-cancer and anti-tumor agents, to this writers knowledge there is no other known drug that allows the euphoria people seek that doubles as such a powerful healing agent
* A wide range of new science, new medicines, and new products come from hemp, cannabis, and CBD
* It is traditionally noted to be impossible to die from a cannabis overdose, one cannot consume enough of it in a practical environment to reach fatal toxicity levels

"The day of legalization of recreational cannabis in my state has been the
highest feeling of freedom I have experienced as an American." ~Phillip Walker
Some of the Cons of Legalized Cannabis:
* A rise in cannabis consumption is likely to be typical of legalization. With everything considered this is not entirely a bad thing.
* Cannabis can temporarily impair judgment and dexterity (this is different depending on the person, dose, type of cannabis, method of consumption, etc). Cannabis can also have the opposite effect for judgment and rarely for dexterity (e.g. a more calm mind for judgment, more empathy or sensibility after smoking has been experienced by this writer)
* There is not yet a perfect way to judge if someone is impaired to drive on cannabis, this can yield a perfectly capable driver who smoked in days previous being persecuted with a DUI. The blood levels of cannabis appear to not be an accurate way to judge if someone is impaired enough to not be able to drive safely.
* Chronic cannabis use can lead to psychological addiction - through the normality of the positive conscious effects of cannabis life can become lesser without them. Psychological addiction to cannabis can be eliminated after enough time of sobriety. In comparison to opiate, alcohol, or cigarette addiction cannabis is on the moderate side.
* Cannabis can have a bad effect on intelligence (it can also have the opposite effect - for example musical inspiration)
* Chronic use of cannabis from a young age can inhibit one's vocabulary, due to consistent memory loss
* One's ability to learn new things is temporarily suppressed while smoking due to memory loss
* Cannabis consumption can cause anxiety or apathy as an extreme side effect, in contrast to other drugs both pharmaceutical and conventional vices, these are moderate side effects and are assumable to largely be experienced by people who do not further consume cannabis. (examples of extreme alcoholism or opiate side effects: death, severe addiction, severe physiological dysfunction, intensified body aging)

While it is patently true that legalized recreational cannabis has downsides, it is obvious the public has an inevitability of some sort of vice. Cannabis is a viable and much more healthy alternative for drugs like alcohol, opiates, and cigarettes. As a consumer of cannabis I can say that it has been one of the best therapeutic and stress relief medications possible under harsh conditions.

It should be also said that cannabis consumption is not for everyone, similar to other forms of consumption...
[1]: Marijuana legalization causing violent crime to fall in US states, study finds - (
[2]: Is Marijuana Legalization Linked to Increased Violent Crime? - (
[4]: A chronic low dose of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) restores cognitive function in old mice - (
[5]: A chronic low dose of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) restores cognitive function in old mice. - (
[6]: Hempcrete - (
[7]: How Hemp Can Heal Our Soil & Why It Matters To Consumers - (
[8]: Why Is Cotton Harmful to the Soil? - (
[9]: Tips for Growing Industrial Hemp - (
[10]: Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half, Study Shows - (
[x]: Research Material: The Top Medical Cannabis Studies of 2017 - (

Explore a debate platform about the industrial legalization of hemp here.

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