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Hi-Tech War Crime Report (PDF) - Universal Aspects™ Multimedia

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Hi-Tech War Crime Report for Congress & The Trump Administration
Read the War Crime Report (PDF) || Download the PDF in a .zip file (approx. 2.7MB)
9 Chapters || 124 Pages || See also: Universal Aspects™ PDF Library

Table of Contents:
I. Facts & Evidence
II. Black Project Technology Capabilities
III. Targeted Individual Testimony
IV. Microwave Warfare
V. Neuro-Abuse
VI. Social Engineering
VII. Counter-Proliferation Programs
VIII. Black Ops Crime Syndicate
IV. Solutions

Chapter Synopses:
Chapter 1: Facts & Evidence
* Church Committee
* Black Project Funding
* Project MK Ultra & Similar Programs
* Electromagnetic Mind Control
* Covert Electromagnetic Mind Control
* Electromagnetic Neuroscience Facts
* Quotes
* 1970s Evidence
* The Eugene Wavelength & Taos Hum
Chapter 2: Black Project Technology Capabilities
* Experimentation - Research & Development (RnD)
* Frequency Mapping
* Brain Wave Mapping
* Electromagnetic Weaponry
* Directed Energy Weapons
* Black Project Artificial Intelligence
* Neural SIGINT - Signals Intelligence
* Neural Monitoring
* Electronic SIGINT
* The Brain-Computer Interface
* Neuroscience Based Virtual Reality
* Neurobody
* Electromagnetic Mind Control
* Electromagnetic Mind Control: Memory Control
* Brain Implants
* Radio Frequency Environmental Scanning
* Full Spectrum Surveillance
Chapter 3: Targeted Individual Testimony
* Targeted Individual Quotes
* Universal Aspects™ Founder Testimony
Chapter 4: Microwave Warfare
* Microwave Warfare Scientist Dr. Barrie Trower
* Slow Kill Assassination
* Fast Kill Assassination
Chapter 5: Neuro-Abuse
* Neuro-Abuse
* Neuro-Abuse: Zersetzen
* Neuro-Abuse: Torture
* Neuro-Abuse: False Profiles
* Neuro-Abuse: Covert Influence
* Neuro-Abuse: Entrapment
* Neuro-Abuse: Sadism
* Counterintelligence Based Neuro-Abuse
* Neuro-Abuse: Framing
* Neuro-Abuse: Murder
Chapter 6: Social Engineering
* Mind Programming
* The Cover Story
* The Cover Up
* The False Version
* Plausible Deniability
* Brain-Computer Interface Psyche Profiles
* Neuroweaponry & Government
* Congress & The Cybernetic Network
* Treasonous Social Engineering Tactics
* Deep Learning Ai Abuse
* Social Suppression Systems
Chapter 7: Counter-Proliferation Programs
* Federal Definition of Terrorism
* Punitive Psychiatry - Political Abuse of Psychiatry
* Directed Energy Weapon Based COINTELPRO
* Hi-Tech COINTELPRO Methods
Chapter 8: Black Ops Crime Syndicate
* Military & Intelligence Community Black Ops
* Master the Human Domain
* The Cybernetic Networks
* Exotic Technology Obtained in Black Projects
* Exotic Scientific Discoveries Obtained in Black Projects
* Occultism
* Nazism Ethos
* Electronic Control Grid Conspiracy
* Surveillance Abuse
* Surveillance Abuse: Radio Frequency Body Scanning
* Internal Dichotomy of Intelligence Agencies
* Hi-Tech War Crimes
* U.S. Military Cybernetic Networks
* CIA Cybernetic Network
* Vatican Cybernetic Network
* Patsies
* Perpetrators
Chapter 9: Solutions
* Prosecution
* Social Solutions
* How to End the Electronic Control Grid
* Case for Open Science Release of Black Projects
* Open Science
* Open Government
* Open Movement International

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