Monday, August 27, 2018

The Deconstructing of a Once Free Internet - Internet Counterintelligence

Shadow Government Internet Agendas:
• negating net neutrality (the pilfering of a once free internet)
• implementing legal threats for internet speech
• social media algorithmic bias
• truth labeled as fake news (and subsequently censored)
• rights taken away with clever uses of hate speech language
• censoring of search results that expose conspiracy
• the social media purge of the alt right
• the demonetizing of alternative channels
• social media account bans & shadow banning of black ops crime syndicate opposition
• legal threat to those who question or criticize religion
• opposite branding of alternative multimedia
• an army of mkultra asset foot soldiers in alt media ready to destroy the reputation of the whole (e.g. flat earthers)
• the destruction of Infowars and Alex Jones
• the neutralizing of Julian Assange
• intelligence community perception management of legislators (e.g. with false intelligence & false flags)
• full spectrum microwave warfare cointelpro of content creators

"The most pervasive warfare is psychological." ~Phillip Walker

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